The Scottish Parliament: An Historical Introduction

Keith M. Brown, Alastair J. Mann and Roland J. Tanner

  1. Parliament and the Medieval Constitution
  2. War with England and the Bruce Dynasty, 1306-1371
  3. The Late Medieval Stewart Monarchy, 1371-1496
  4. Decline and Revival, 1496-1560
  5. The Early Modern Parliament
  6. The Reformation, 1560-1603
  7. Regal Union, Multiple Monarchy and the War of the Three Kingdoms, 1603-1660
  8. Restoration, Revolution and Union, 1660-1707

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The following text draws on the introductions to K.M. Brown and R.J. Tanner (eds), The History of the Scottish Parliament, volume 1: Parliament and Politics, 1235-1560 (Edinburgh, 2004) and K.M. Brown and A.J. Mann (eds), The History of the Scottish Parliament, volume 2: Parliament and Politics, 1567-1707 (Edinburgh, 2005), and are reproduced with kind permission of Edinburgh University Press.

Riding of Parliament c.1681 © The Trustees of the National Library of Scotland