Abbreviations used in the database

The Anglo-Norman Dictionary The Anglo-Norman Dictionary
APS The Acts of the Parliaments of Scotland, T. Thomson and C. Innes eds (12 vols, Edinburgh, 1814-75).
BL The British Library, London.
CSP Sco. Calendar of the State Papers relating to Scotland and Mary Queen of Scots, 1547-1603, J. Bain and others eds (13 vols, Edinburgh, 1898-1969).
DSL Dictionary of the Scots Language
Fasti Fasti Ecclesiae Scoticanae medii aevi ad annum 1638, D. E. R. Watt and A. L. Murray eds (Edinburgh, 2003).
HBC E. B. Fryde and others eds, Handbook of British Chronology, third edition (Cambridge, 2003).
HMC Historical Manuscripts Commission.
HRHS  D. E. R. Watt and N. F. Shead eds, The Heads of Religious Houses in Scotland from the Twelfth to the Sixteenth Centuries (Edinburgh, 2001).
NAS The National Archives of Scotland, Edinburgh (now known as the National Records of Scotland).
NLS The National Library of Scotland, Edinburgh.
NRA(S) National Register of Archives (Scotland).
OED Oxford English Dictionary
PRO Public Record Office (National Archives), London.
RMS The Register of the Great Seal of Scotland (Registrum Magni Sigilli Regum Scotorum), J. M. Thomson and others eds (Edinburgh, 1882-1914).
RPCS The Register of the Privy Council of Scotland, J. H. Burton and others eds (38 vols, Edinburgh, 1877-1970).
RRS The Register of the Privy Seal of Scotland (Registrum Secreti Sigilli Regum Scotorum), M. Livingstone and others eds (8 vols, Edinburgh, 1908-82).
Scotichronicon Walter Bower, Scotichronicon, D. E. R. Watt and others eds (9 vols, Aberdeen/Edinburgh, 1987–97).
Scots Peerage The Scots Peerage, Sir James Balfour-Paul ed. (9 vols, Edinburgh, 1904-14).
SHR The Scottish Historical Review.
SHS Scottish History Society.
TA The Accounts of the Lord High Treasurer of Scotland, T. Dickson and others eds (13 vols, Edinburgh,1877-197
Young, Parliaments of Scotland The Parliaments of Scotland: Burgh and Shire Commissioners, M. D. Young ed. (2 vols, Edinburgh, 1992)