Robert I: Translation
3 December 1318 Legislation: statutes of the 1318 parliament
Legislation: statutes of the 1318 parlia …
3 December 1318 Legislation: ordinance and statute entailing the crown on the heirs of the Robert I, whom failing on Robert Stewart, son of Marjory Bruce, and his heirs
[1318/30]* Legislation: ordinance and statute …
5 December 1318 Non-parliamentary record: letters commanding implementation of a remission made in parliament to Henry Cheyne, bishop of Aberdeen
[A1318/31]* Non-parliamentary record: letters …
James I: Translation
October 1418 Non-parliamentary record
[A1418/1]* Non-parliamentary record Chron. …
  1. BL MS Harl. 4694, f.31v-34v (A), from Sir James Balfour of Denmilne seventeenth-century collection of transcripts; NLS, MS Adv. 34.3.11, f.31r-v (modern folination) (B), from Sir Lewis Stewart’s late seventeenth century collection of transcripts. Back
  2. NLS, MS Adv. 16.1.10, f.51r-v. Printed, with a detailed note on the dating and implications of this manuscript, in RRS, v, no. 140. The presence of Maurice, bishop of Dunblane, and Murdoch of Menteith, on the witness list of this letter are not consistent with a date before 1320. It is therefore suggested that the letter records a reissue of the 1318 remission made in August 1323, with a new witness list, but repeating the original date. This royal letter does not appear to have been made in parliament, but is included as the only record of the parliamentary remission. Back
  3. See corresponding editorial note. Back