Charles I: Translation
15 November 1641 Procedure
[1641/8/164]* Procedure Prayer said and rolls …
15 November 1641 Regarding the places of lords of parliament
[1641/8/165]* Procedure: determination concerning …
15 November 1641 Protestation by [James Hamilton], marquis of Hamilton, [George MacKenzie], earl of Seaforth, [Alexander Stewart], earl of Galloway, [James Livingstone], lord Almond, the lairds [Sir Robert Campbell] of Glenorchy, [Sir William Forbes of] Craigievar and [Humphrey Colquhoun of] Balvie
[1641/8/166]* Procedure: protest, asking of …
15 November 1641 Legislation
15 November 1641 Act against going of salt-pans and mills on the Lord's day and other profanation of that day
[1641/8/167]* Act against going of salt-pans …
15 November 1641 Act for sitting down of the session, 4 January next
[1641/8/168]* Act for sitting down of the …
15 November 1641 Act of ratification in favour of the burghs
[1641/8/169]* Act of ratification in favour …
15 November 1641 Procedure: commissions
Procedure: commissions
15 November 1641 Commission for regulating the common burdens of the kingdom
[1641/8/170]* Commission for regulating the …
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