Charles I: Translation
9 June 1640 Legislation: private acts
Legislation: private acts
9 June 1640 Ratification in favour of Colonel Alexander Hamilton of his commission to be general of the artillery
[1640/6/47]* Act 29 Ratification in favour …
9 June 1640 Legislation
9 June 1640 Act against leasing makers of whatsoever quality, office, place or dignity they be of
[1640/6/51]* Act 33 Act against leasing makers …
9 June 1640 Warrant to the clerks of parliament for publishing, printing and extracting the acts of this session of parliament
[1640/6/58]* Warrant: to the clerks of the …
9 June 1640 Ordaining summons to be directed and executed against the persons who are culpable of the crimes and faults contained in the act, to compear before the next session of parliament
[1640/6/59]* Judicial proceeding: issuing …
9 June 1640 Remit in favour of James Arnott, merchant, to the committee of estates regarding his ship and ordinance
[1640/6/60]* Procedure: remit in favour of …
10 June 1640 10 June 1640
10 June 1640 The 13th day of parliament
10 June 1640 Legislation
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