Charles I: Translation
2 June 1640 Procedure: opening of the session
[1640/6/1]* Procedure: opening of the session …
2 June 1640 Sederunt
[1640/6/2]* Sederunt For the Nobility Earls …
2 June 1640 Procedure: election of Robert Balfour, lord Balfour of Burleigh as president of the parliament
[1640/6/3]* Procedure: election of Robert …
2 June 1640 Act regarding the choosing of Robert [Balfour], lord [Balfour of] Burleigh to be president of this court and session of parliament in respect of the absence of the king's commissioner
[1640/6/4]* Procedure: nomination of Robert …
2 June 1640 Act regarding the constitution of this parliament and all subsequent parliaments
[1640/6/5]* Legislation Act 2 Act regarding …
2 June 1640 Declaration by the estates of parliament premised by them to their proceedings in parliament, containing the reasons and necessity of their convening and proceeding therein
[1640/6/6]* Declaration Declaration by the …
2 June 1640 Committee for revising the papers discussed in articles in 1639
[1640/6/7]* Committee Members: committee for …
2 June 1640 Procedure: summons against the governor and soldiers of Edinburgh Castle
[1640/6/8]* Procedure: summons against the …
2 June 1640 Procedure: continuation
[1640/6/9]* Procedure: continuation The estates …
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