James VI: Translation
5 June 1592 Ratification to [William Douglas], earl of Morton
[1592/4/204]* Ratification to [William Douglas …]
5 June 1592 Ratification to [James Hay], lord Yester
[1592/4/205]* Ratification to [James Hay], lord …
5 June 1592 Ratification to [John Livingstone], laird of Dunipace
[1592/4/206]* Ratification to [John Livingstone …]
5 June 1592 Ratification to George Sinclair of May
[1592/4/207]* Ratification to George Sinclair …
5 June 1592 Ratification to Martin Elliott [of Braidlie]
[1592/4/208]* Ratification to Martin Elliott …
5 June 1592 Act ratifying [Alexander Lindsay], lord Spynie's infeftment of the lordship of Spynie, and ordaining a new infeftment thereof to be made; and also dissolving the same from the crown to that effect
[1592/4/209]* Act ratifying [Alexander Lindsay …]
5 June 1592 [Ratification to Sir William Keith of Delny]
[1592/4/210]* [Ratification to Sir William …
3 April 1593 1593, 3 April, Edinburgh, Parliament
1593, 3 April, Edinburgh, Parliament
3 April 1593 Parliamentary Register
Parliamentary Register
3 April 1593 3 April 1593
3 April 1593
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