James VI: Translation
5 June 1592 For inspecting and causing of the laws and acts of parliament to be printed
[1592/4/67]* Procedure: commission For inspecting …
5 June 1592 Procedure: declaration; approbation
Procedure: declaration; approbation
5 June 1592 Ratification of the contract of marriage between the king and queen's majesties and of her highness's infeftments and titles passed thereupon
[1592/4/68]* Ratification of the contract …
5 June 1592 Approbation of their services who accompanied his majesty to Norway and Denmark
[1592/4/69]* Approbation of their services …
5 June 1592 Legislation: private acts
Legislation: private acts
5 June 1592 Ratification of [George Keith], earl Marischal's proceeding in Denmark, directed to treat the marriage between the king and queen's majesties, and of his infeftments
[1592/4/70]* Ratification of [George Keith]
5 June 1592 Ratification to [Sir Patrick Vans], laird of Barnbarroch and Master Peter Young [of Seaton] and of their proceedings in the said marriage, and of their infeftments
[1592/4/71]* Ratification to [Sir Patrick Vans …]
5 June 1592 Legislation
5 June 1592 Regarding the age and qualities of the lords of session
[1592/4/72]* Regarding the age and qualities …
5 June 1592 Touching the authentic dating and registering of signatures
[1592/4/73]* Touching the authentic dating …
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