James VI: Translation
11 November 1579 Approbation of the proceedings of the noblemen that executed the king's majesty's commission at Hamilton and Draffan
[1579/10/60]* Procedure: approbation of commission …
11 November 1579 Concerning the demolishing of Hamilton and Draffan
[1579/10/61]* Legislation Concerning the demolishing …
11 November 1579 Declaration concerning the proving of letters of horning and executions thereof by witnesses, chapter 31
[1579/10/62]* Procedure: declaration Declaration …
11 November 1579 Legislation: private acts
Legislation: private acts
11 November 1579 Captain [David] Home [of Fishwick] against [Sir Richard Maitland], laird of Lethington
[1579/10/63]* Captain [David] Home [of Fishwick …]
11 November 1579 Act touching the proceedings in the cause between the Gordons and Forbes
[1579/10/64]* Act touching the proceedings …
11 November 1579 Revocation of the infeftment of the earldom of Lennox to Lord Charles [Stewart, earl of Lennox]
[1579/10/56]* Revocation of the infeftment …
11 November 1579 Confirmation of the infeftment to Robert [Stewart], earl of Lennox
[1579/10/57]* Confirmation of the infeftment …
11 November 1579 Exoneration of things done in the government of [James Stewart], earl of Moray, regent
[1579/10/58]* Exoneration of things done in …
11 November 1579 Ratification of the discharge granted to [John Erskine], earl of Mar
[1579/10/59]* Ratification of the discharge …
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