James VI: Translation
28 August 1571 Legislation: private acts
Legislation: private acts
28 August 1571 Discharge to Patrick Lindsay, lord Lindsay of the Byres of the m with by him from John Chisholm
[1571/8/12]* Discharge to [Patrick Lindsay]
28 August 1571 Concerning the reformation of the chapel royal of Stirling
[1571/8/16]* Concerning the reformation of …
28 August 1571 Concerning the escheats of the persons coming to the [king's obedience]
[1571/8/18]* Concerning the escheats of the …
28 August 1571 Legislation
28 August 1571 Concerning kirkmen that happen to be sl[ain in our sovereign lord's] service, in defence of his highness's au[thority]
[1571/8/19]* Concerning kirkmen that happen …
28 August 1571 Concerning the ward, relief and marriage of those that shall happen to be slain in our sovereign lord's service in defence of his majesty's authority
[1571/8/20]* Concerning the ward, relief …
28 August 1571 Concerning alienations, resignations and other dispositions [made] and given by any persons, burgesses and inhabitants of Edinburgh, or any [other] burghs within this realm, that have made defection from the king's authority
[1571/8/9]* Concerning alienations, resignations …
28 August 1571 That no ships sail without our sovereign lord's cocket
[1571/8/10]* That no ships sail without our …
28 August 1571 Concerning heralds, macers, pursuivants and other officers that served against our sovereign lord and his authority
[1571/8/11]* Concerning heralds, macers, pursuivants …
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