Mary I: Translation
7 July 1548 Legislation: treaty of Haddington
[1548/7/1]* Legislation: treaty of Haddington …
3 July 1549 1549, 3 July, Edinburgh, Convention
1549, 3 July, Edinburgh, Convention
3 July 1549 Additional Source
Additional Source
3 July 1549 At Edinburgh, 3 July 1549
At Edinburgh, 3 July 1549
3 July 1549 [Act for the defence of the realm and a tax of £35,000 granted]
[A1549/7/1]* Legislation [Act for the defence …
29 May 1551 1551, 29 May, Edinburgh, Parliament
1551, 29 May, Edinburgh, Parliament
29 May 1551 Additional Source
Additional Source
  1. NAS, PA2/9, f.168. For a Latin copy, see Pierpont Morgan Library, New York, MS MA 279, fos.17-20. Back
  2. NLS, Adv. Ms. 34/2/2, 'The Haddington Manuscript, minutes of parliament, council and exchecker, collected by E. Haddington' (2 vols), vol. 1, f.118r-19r. Back
  3. This parliament is not amongst the acts recorded in the official register. Thomson's source for these acts has not been traced conclusively and likewise was not found by O'Brien in her analysis of the Scottish parliamentary records. See I. E. O'Brien, 'The Scottish Parliament in the 15th and 16th Centuries' (Ph.D. Thesis, University of Glasgow, 1980), appendix N - Mary Queen of Scots, p.398. More importantly, the wording, spelling and abbreviations used by Thomson in APS suggest that he used a contemporary printed source, probably The actis and conventiounis of the Realme of Scotland maid in Parliamentis haldin by the rycht hie and mychtie Princeis kingis James The First, Secund, thrid, feird, fyft, and in the tyme of Marie now Quene of Scottis, viseit, correctit, and extractit furth of the Registers be the Lordis depute be hir Maiesteis speciall commissioun thairto, anno domini 1566, ff.cxlvii-cxlviii. Because this is an official record of parliament commissioned by the crown, this has been used as the source for RPS. Back