Mary I: Translation
15 March 1543 Legislation
[1543/3/49]* Legislation [James Hamilton, earl …]
8 June 1543 At Edinburgh, 8 June 1543
At Edinburgh, 8 June 1543
8 June 1543 Sederunt: lords of the articles
[1543/3/50]* Sederunt: lords of the articles …
8 June 1543 The answers made by us, James [Hamilton], earl of Arran, tutor to the queen's grace, protector and governor of the realm and Scotland and second person of the same, with the advice of the lords of our council, to the memorial brought by Sir George Douglas [of Pittendreich] from [Henry VIII], the king's majesty of England, both concerning the marriage of our sovereign lady, the queen's grace, of Scotland, with Prince Edward [Tudor] of England, and the treaty of peace
[1543/3/51]* Procedure: lords of the articles' …
15 March 1543 Additional Source
Additional Source
15 March 1543 15 March 1543
15 March 1543
15 March 1543 Letters: declaring the Earl of Arran to be second person of the realm
[A1543/3/1]* Letters: declaring the Earl of …
4 May 1543 4 May 1543
4 May 1543
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