James V: Translation
10 December 1540 Judicial proceeding: parliamentary transumpt of forfeiture (abstract)
[A1540/12/1]* Judicial proceeding: parliamentary …
10 December 1540 Legislation: act of annexation (abstract)
[A1540/12/2]* Legislation: act of annexation …
12 March 1543 Mary I: Translation
Mary I: Translation
12 March 1543 1543, 12 March, Edinburgh, Parliament
1543, 12 March, Edinburgh, Parliament
12 March 1543 Parliamentary Register
Parliamentary Register
12 March 1543 12 March 1543
12 March 1543
12 March 1543 Procedure: opening of parliament
[1543/3/1]* Procedure: opening of parliament …
12 March 1543 Procedure
[1543/3/2]* Procedure The which day Alexander …
12 March 1543 Judicial proceeding: summons of treason
[1543/3/3]* Judicial proceeding: summons of …
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