William II and Mary II: Translation
5 June 1689 [Grievances represented by the estates of Scotland to the king's majesty to be redressed in parliament; together with his majesty's instructions to his commissioner for redressing the same]
[A1689/6/1]* [Grievances represented by the …]
5 June 1689 [Warrant to the lord secretary to give out copies of the commissioner's instruction]
[A1689/6/2]* [Warrant to the lord secretary …]
18 June 1689 18 June 1689
18 June 1689
18 June 1689 [Act for regulating the election of the lords of the articles]
[A1689/6/3]* [Act for regulating the election …]
18 June 1689 [The oath taken by the king and queen at their acceptance of the crown of Scotland]
[A1689/6/4]* [The oath taken by the king and …]
25 June 1689 25 June 1689
25 June 1689
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