James III: Translation
1469 Additional Source
Additional Source
1469 Unknown date during 1469 parliament
Unknown date during 1469 parliament
1469 Legislation: confirmation of papal indult
[A1469/1]* Legislation: confirmation of papal …
November 1469 November 1469
November 1469
1469 Legislation
Legislation [1469/15]* Acts of the parliament …
1469 Procedure: agenda
[1469/34]* Procedure: agenda Item, the whole …
1469 Committee members: commission of parliament
[1469/35]* Committee members: commission of …
1469 Procedure
[1469/36]* Procedure Item, the prelates are …
  1. A folio has been lost from NAS, PA2/1 at this point. This act is not to be found in the parliamentary register, but it is not clear if it was originally present on the missing folio, or whether Thomas Thomson found the act in another source when compiling APS. This version is therefore taken from the printed edition, APS, ii, 98. Back
  2. NAS, PA2/1, f.61r. Back
  3. NAS, PA2/1, f.64v. Back
  4. NAS, PA2/1, f.64v. Back
  5. NAS, PA2/1, f.64v. Back