Charles II: Translation
30 May 1651 [Expenses granted to the witnesses summoned from Glasgow; supplicant recommended to the committee of war of Fife]
[M1651/5/7]* [Expenses granted to the witnesses …]
30 May 1651 Same day, after noon
Same day, after noon The lord king being …
30 May 1651 [Act and associated bond approved; list to be made up of those deficient in the supply of the meal in Fife and quartering]
[M1651/5/8]* [Act and associated bond approved; …]
31 May 1651 31 May 1651
31 May 1651 On the eighth day of parliament …
31 May 1651 [Act approved; supplication read and orders for the troops given; subscription of the book of loan money]
[M1651/5/9]* [Act approved; supplication read …]
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