Charles II: Translation
18 December 1650 [Report and paper remitted to the several bodies; officers of state to attend the king's coronation]
[M1650/11/22]* [Report and paper remitted to …]
19 December 1650 19 December 1650
19 December 1650 On the nineteenth day of …
19 December 1650 [Letter read; paper read and partly approved; remaining articles remitted to the treasurer depute]
[M1650/11/23]* [Letter read; paper read and …]
19 December 1650 Same day, after noon
Same day, after noon The lord king being …
19 December 1650 [Warrant for imprisonment granted; Captain Augustine recommended to the committee for the affairs of the army]
[M1650/11/24]* [Warrant for imprisonment granted; …]
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