Charles II: Translation
26 November 1650 [Sermon given; rolls called; oaths taken]
[M1650/11/1]* [Sermon given; rolls called; …]
27 November 1650 27 November 1650
27 November 1650 On the second day of parliament …
27 November 1650 [Eligibility of shire and burgh commissioners to sit in parliament without new commissions; representation of those burghs and shires absent or under the power of the enemy]
[M1650/11/2]* [Eligibility of shire and burgh …]
27 November 1650 Same day, after noon
Same day, after noon
27 November 1650 [Committee for the affairs of the army, committee for the bills and committee for overtures elected]
[M1650/11/3]* [Committee for the affairs of …]
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