Charles II: Translation
22 May 1650 [Addition to the committee for trying witches; letter remitted to committee for prisoners and processes; supplication read and approved]
[M1650/5/12]* [Addition to the committee for …]
23 May 1650 23 May 1650
23 May 1650 On the eighth day of parliament …
23 May 1650 [Papers remitted to the committee for overtures and committee for dispatches; letter to be drafted to lieutenant general concerning prisoners]
[M1650/5/13]* [Papers remitted to the committee …]
24 May 1650 24 May 1650
24 May 1650 On the ninth day of parliament …
24 May 1650 [Supplication read and warrant granted; supplication remitted to committee for bills; supplication remitted to the committee to be appointed for the settling of the maintenance]
[M1650/5/14]* [Supplication read and warrant …]
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