Charles I: Translation
4 June 1644 Additional Sources
Additional Sources
29 July 1644 Warrant to [Sir Alexander Gibson of Durie], clerk register, for printing the public acts and the title page
[1644/6/333]* Warrant: for printing of the …
29 July 1644 Warrant for delivery of the honours to [Sir James Carmichael of that ilk], treasurer depute
[1644/6/334]* Warrant: for delivery of the …
29 July 1644 Declaration by the provost, bailies and council of Edinburgh in favour of [William Douglas], earl of Morton anent the earldom of Orkney
[1644/6/335]* Declaration: by the council …
29 July 1644 Decreet of forfeiture against William Maxwell of Mid Kelton
[1644/6/336]* Judicial Proceeding: decreet …
29 July 1644 Ratification Mr Roger Mowat [of Drumbreck]
[1644/6/337]* Charter: ratification Ratification …
29 July 1644 Legislation
29 July 1644 Act salvo jure cujuslibet
[1644/6/338]* Act salvo jure cujuslibet The …
29 July 1644 Act continuing the parliament to the first Tuesday of January 1645 and declaring the parliament current to that day
[1644/6/339]* Act continuing the parliament …
29 July 1644 Ratification to [Charles Seton], earl of Dunfermline
[1644/6/332]* Ratification to [Charles Seton …]
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