James I: Translation
10 March 1432 Additional Source
Additional Source
10 March 1432 10 March 1432
10 March 1432
10 March 1432 Non-parliamentary record: sealed account of advice given in parliament
[A1432/3/1]* Non-parliamentary record: sealed …
10 March 1432 Procedure: conclusion of royal letter
[1432/3/13]* Procedure: conclusion of royal …
10 October 1432 1432, 10 October, Perth, ?Parliamentary Commission
1432, 10 October, Perth, ?Parliamentary …
10 October 1432 Parliamentary Records
Parliamentary Records
10 October 1432 10 October 1432
10 October 1432
10 October 1432 Letters: great seal letter narrating the settlement of boundary disputes between the city of St Andrews and the burghs of Cupar and Crail
[1432/10/1]* Letters: great seal letter narrating …
  1. Dundee Archive and Record Centre, TC/CC I/27. The document is an undated but sealed copy of a lost original writ made on 10 March 1432. The most likely date for the creation of the copy is early 1448, at a time when several documents were made concerning a protracted dispute between Montrose and Dundee (A. Borthwick, 'Montrose vs Dundee and the jurisdiction of parliament and council over fee and heritage in the mid-fifteenth century', in C. Jones (ed.), The Scots and Parliament (Edinburgh, 1996), 39). William Crichton and John Forrester were chancellor and chamberlain respectively between 1439 and 1448 (HBC, 182, 186). Back
  2. Advocates 2, f.125v. Back
  3. St Andrews University Library, St Andrews Burgh Records, B65/22/23. Back