James I: Translation
30 September 1426 30 September 1426
30 September 1426
30 September 1426 Procedure: preamble
[1426/33]* Procedure: preamble These are the …
30 September 1426 Legislation
Legislation [1426/34]* Item, it was decreed …
14 January 1427 1427, 14 January, Edinburgh, Parliamentary Committee
1427, 14 January, Edinburgh, Parliamentary …
14 January 1427 Additional Source
Additional Source
14 January 1427 14 January 1427
14 January 1427
14 January 1427 Non-parliamentary record: precept to the justiciar north of the Forth
[A1427/1/1]* Non-parliamentary record: precept …
11 March 1427 ?1427/1426, 11 March, Perth, Parliament
?1427/1426, 11 March, Perth, Parliament
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  2. The acts of this parliament survive only in the Group D MSS: PA5/6(2), f.9r-v; PA5/6(1), f.18v-19r; Drummond, f.22v-23v; Colville, f.267v-268r; Malcolm, f.146v-147r; Fort Augustus, f.202r-203r. PA5/6(2) is used as the default source. Back
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  4. These statutes (or the assise on weights and measures) were included under the parliament of March 1426 in APS, ii, 12. Only the Lambeth MS (unseen by the editor of APS, ii) supports this dating. Lambeth's dating of statutes for the years 1426 to 1427 appears to be demonstrably wrong elsewhere (see note on sources to March 1426 legislation (1426/2)), and hence its dating of these statutes is not to be trusted over the other MSS. However, Lambeth provides what may be early versions of some of the acts from before the editing commission which created the Group D MSS, and therefore its dating cannot be entirely discounted. All the Group D MSS and the 1566 printed acts date these statutes to 11 March 1427 (based on a regnal year only), but place them out of chronological sequence between the acts of the 11 March 1426 parliament and its continuation on 30 September 1426. It was probably this discrepancy that led Thomas Thomson to assume the acts on weights and measures were properly dated to March 1426, and to make a silent correction to his text. Irene O'Brien (O'Brien, 'Scottish Parliament', 32) assumed that Thomson was correct, and Group D incorrect, but on no evidence. Certainty over the dating of these acts is probably impossible, and the dating given here is tentative. Yet these acts appear generally to expand on and modify two acts certainly made in March 1426 (1426/16, 17), while one act (1427/3/4) specifically seems to modify an earlier act (1426/16). Together this circumstantial evidence suggests that these acts were not made at the March 1426 parliament, and that the two rudimentary and imprecise statutes made in March 1426 provoked more detailed legislation in March 1427. Back