James VI: Translation
October 1612 Additional Source
Additional Source
October 1612 Legislation: private acts
Legislation: private acts
October 1612 Ratification of the bishopric of Galloway in favours of Master William Couper, with some reservations in favour of particular persons from the same act
[A1612/10/1]* Ratification of the bishopric …
23 October 1612 Ratification to Archibald Primrose of his licence of making of iron within the sheriffdom of Perth
[1612/10/67]* Ratification to Archibald Primrose …
23 October 1612 Ratification of George and Andrew Haliburton's pension of £500
[1612/10/68]* Ratification of George and Andrew …
23 October 1612 Ratification of the contract between [George Gledstanes], archbishop of St Andrews and the city of St Andrews, with a reservation in favour of [Robert Lindsay], lord Lindsay [of the Byres]
[1612/10/69]* Ratification of the contract …
23 October 1612 Ratification to [William Keith], lord Keith of his infeftment of the lordships of Dunnottar and Inverugie
[1612/10/70]* Ratification to [William Keith …]
23 October 1612 Act in favour of [Michael Balfour], lord [Balfour of] Burleigh
[1612/10/71]* Act in favour of [Michael Balfour …]
  1. This title is mentioned only in the printed 'The minute of the particulars acts unprinted which were exped and past in the aforesaid parliament' in the contemporary collection of printed acts, The xxj parliament of our most high and dread soveraine James ... halden at Edinburgh the xxiij day of October, 1612 (Edinburgh, 1612). No text of the act has been located. Back
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