James VI: Translation
15 October 1612 Procedure: preamble
[1612/10/3]* Procedure: preamble The parliament …
15 October 1612 Procedure: presentation of the king's commission to the estates
[1612/10/4]* Procedure: presentation of the …
15 October 1612 Sederunt
[1612/10/5]* Sederunt For the clergy[George …]
15 October 1612 Committee members: lords of the articles
[1612/10/6]* Committee members: lords of the …
23 October 1612 23 October 1612
23 October 1612 On the third day of parliament …
23 October 1612 Sederunt
[1612/10/7]* Sederunt The parliament of the …
23 October 1612 A ratification of the acts and conclusions set down and agreed upon in the general assembly of the kirk, kept in Glasgow in the month of June 1610, together with an explanation by the estates of some of the articles of the same
[1612/10/8]* Procedure: ratification of acts …
23 October 1612 Legislation
23 October 1612 An act for remanding back to his majesty's officers of justice in England of offenders in some particular crimes in the act mentioned, who, after the committing of the offence in England, shall be thereupon fugitive and remain in this kingdom
[1612/10/9]* An act for remanding back to …
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