James VI: Translation
10 November 1579 Concerning the destruction of cruives and yairs, slaughter of red fish and smolts by fishing rods or otherwise, chapter 23
[1579/10/42]* Concerning the destruction of …
10 November 1579 Concerning the transporting of coals out of the realm, chapter 24
[1579/10/43]* Concerning the transporting …
10 November 1579 For punishment of those that lose a lawsuit within burgh, chapter 25
[1579/10/44]* For punishment of those that …
11 November 1579 11 November 1579
11 November 1579 On the fifth day of parliament …
11 November 1579 Procedure: preamble
[1579/10/45]* Procedure: preamble The king …
11 November 1579 Sederunt
[1579/10/46]* Sederunt For the clergy[Patrick …]
11 November 1579 Legislation
11 November 1579 Ratification of our sovereign lord's revocation of fees and pensions
[1579/10/47]* Ratification of our sovereign …
11 November 1579 Concerning our sovereign lord's coin
[1579/10/48]* Concerning our sovereign lord's …
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