Mary I: Translation
19 April 1567 Judicial proceedings: reductions of forfeiture
Judicial proceedings: reductions of forf …
19 April 1567 Reduction: the wife and bairns of the late George [Gordon], earl of Huntly against the advocates and others
[1567/4/27]* Reduction: the wife and bairns …
19 April 1567 [James Ogilvie], laird of Findlater's ratification of Findlater and others
[1567/4/19]* [James Ogilvie], laird of Findlater's …
19 April 1567 [Michael Balfour], laird of Burleigh's ratification of the coronership of Fife
[1567/4/20]* [Michael Balfour], laird of Burleigh's …
19 April 1567 [David Lindsay], earl of Crawford's ratification of Findon
[1567/4/21]* [David Lindsay], earl of Crawford's …
19 April 1567 [Andrew Leslie], earl of Rothes's ratification
[1567/4/22]* [Andrew Leslie], earl of Rothes's …
19 April 1567 [James Douglas], earl of Morton's ratification
[1567/4/23]* [James Douglas], earl of Morton's …
19 April 1567 [Archibald Douglas], earl of Angus's ratification
[1567/4/24]* [Archibald Douglas], earl of Angus's …
19 April 1567 [George Sinclair], earl of Caithness's ratification
[1567/4/25]* [George Sinclair], earl of Caithness's …
19 April 1567 Ratification to [George Ramsay], laird of Dalhousie
[1567/4/26]* Ratification to [George Ramsay …]
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