Mary I: Translation
1 August 1560 Additional Sources
Additional Sources [Otherwise known as 'The …]
1 August 1560 1 August 1560
1 August 1560
1 August 1560 Sederunt
[A1560/8/1]* Sederunt The names of the earls, …
1 August 1560 [The petition of the barons]
[A1560/8/2]* Procedure: petition [The petition …
17 August 1560 17 August 1560
17 August 1560
17 August 1560 [The Confession of Faith]
[A1560/8/3]* Legislation [The Confession of …
24 August 1560 24 August 1560
24 August 1560
  1. No parliamentary record exists for this 'parliament', despite the fact Thomson presents it as such in APS. Various external sources are used for the records of this controversial session of parliament, which will be noted with each individual entry. For the latest scholarship on this session, see K. M. Brown, 'The Reformation Parliament' in K. M. Brown and R. J. Tanner eds, The History of the Scottish Parliament, Volume I: Parliament and Politics in Scotland, 1235-1560 (Edinburgh, 2004), pp.203-31, and J. Goodare, 'The Scottish Parliamentary Records, 1560-1603' in Historical Research, vol. 72, no. 179 (October, 1999), pp.248-54. Back
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