Anne: Translation
18 September 1705 18 September 1705
18 September 1705
18 September 1705 [Report concerning the public funds considered]
[M1705/6/39]* [Report concerning the public …]
21 September 1705 21 September 1705
21 September 1705
21 September 1705 [Acts given royal assent; speech made; parliament adjourned]
[M1705/6/40]* [Acts given royal assent; speech …]
3 July 1705 Additional Sources
Additional Sources
3 July 1705 3 July 1705
3 July 1705
  1. NAS. PA3/7, Printed Minutes No.39, 1-3 or NAS. PA6/36,141, f.1-2. Back
  2. NAS. PA3/7, Printed Minutes No.40, 1 or NAS. PA6/36,142, f.1. Back
  3. NAS. PA3/7 is solely a collection of printed material that does not seem to have been used when APS was being complied. Written inside the cover of the book is the following note: 'A very curious and scarce collection of the whole minutes, votes and procedure of the Scots parliament relative to the union of the two kingdoms from the beginning to the end of that affair. Formerly belonging to Patrick Grant, lord Elchies. Price £4 4 sterling'. There are no folio numbers in this volume, although some of the printed documents are numbered by page. There are also no dated sections. Documents are bound together in a roughly chronological manner, so a date reference, where applicable, has been given to aid identification. Position in the volume has also been used as an identifying tag, e.g 'bound after 1705 printed minutes'. Back