Robert I: Translation
28 February 1328 Legislation: Transcript of an indenture between Robert I and the community of the kingdom regarding a taxation for life
[1328/1]* Legislation: Transcript of an indenture …
12 March 1328 Additional Records
Additional Records
12 March 1328 12 March 1328
12 March 1328
12 March 1328 Non-parliamentary record: index of lost charters
[A1328/2]* Non-parliamentary record: index …
17 March 1328 17 March 1328
17 March 1328
17 March 1328 Non-parliamentary record: indenture of treaty with Edward III for the payment, with parliamentary consent, of £100,000 to England
[A1328/3]* Non-parliamentary record: indenture …
1 April 1330 David II: Translation
David II: Translation
  1. NAS SP13/8. Printed RRS, v, no. 335. Back
  2. Printed RMS, i, app. 2, no. 701. From 'Index B', an index of the register of the great seal as it then existed, made around 1629. In APS, i, 414, the editors silently altered the text, which immediately follows A1327/3/1 in the MS. There is no proof that this agreement was made in the February 1328 parliament, but its date and place, and the fact that it was recorded in the register of the great seal make this likely. 'Index A', made shortly before 1561, records the same lost document thus: 'Concordia inter dictum comitem Morauie et Helenam Stewart de terris de Kelly.' Back
  3. PRO, Chancery, Scotch Roll, C71/12, m.4. APS, i, 484-6, included another part of the treaty concluded on 17 March (RRS, v, 342). This document makes no mention of parliament, however, and has not been included here. All four parts of the treaty are printed in RRS, v, nos 342-5. Edward III's renunciation of his claim to Scotland is given below at 1416/1 (an inspection and transcription of general council in 1416). Back