William II: Translation
19 July 1698 Parliamentary Minutes
Parliamentary Minutes
19 July 1698 Tuesday 19 July 1698
Tuesday 19 July 1698
19 July 1698 [Commission and letter from the king read; oaths taken; rolls taken; protests over precedency]
[M1698/7/1]* [Commission and letter from the …]
21 July 1698 Thursday 21 July 1698
Thursday 21 July 1698
1 September 1698 Legislation
1 September 1698 Act salvo jure cujuslibet
[1698/7/176]* 1 September 1698 Act salvo jure …
  1. The manuscript minutes for 1696-1701 have been recently conserved. The minutes have been removed from their original bound volume and are currently held in a series of loose folders. Each folio has also been re-numbered. Thus, the references are different to previous minutes. For example, some documents are also given an alphabetical letter after the number - e.g. PA6/31, 56b. This is because the division sheets common in other volumes (a slip of paper separating all documents of the same date, set out in this way for the publication of APS) have been preserved and assigned a reference number. Back
  2. All minutes begin with the heading 'Minutes of the proceedings of parliament, No. 1' etc. No printed minutes until 10 August in NAS. PA3/6. NLS. A.115.a.1, No. 1 or NAS. PA6/31,24b, f.1-1v. Back
  3. NAS. PA2/37, f.166. Back