James III: Translation
November 1469 Judicial proceeding: forfeiture of the Boyds
[A1469/2]* Judicial proceeding: forfeiture …
November 1469 Transumpts: of material pertaining to the privileges of the bishopric of St Andrews
[A1469/3]* Transumpts: of material pertaining …
6 May 1471 1471, 6 May, Edinburgh, Parliament
1471, 6 May, Edinburgh, Parliament
6 May 1471 Parliamentary Register
Parliamentary Register
6 May 1471 6 May 1471
6 May 1471
6 May 1471 Legislation
Legislation [1471/5/1]* Edinburgh 6 May 1471 …
6 May 1471 Committee members: delegated to hold continuation of parliament
[1471/5/12]* Committee members: delegated …
6 May 1471 Procedure: preamble
[1471/5/13]* Procedure: preamble The parliament …
  1. NAS, GD39/5/5, a copy of Sir George Hay of Nether Liff, clerk register, made 1616-22, and marked 'extracted from the rolls of the acts of parliament'. Other copies are found in the NAS, including a 16th century copy in the Boyd Papers, GD8/7. Back
  2. See note in text. Back
  3. NAS, PA2/1, f.66r. These statutes were written in a different hand from those nearby in the register, although there is no indication that it is of a significantly later period. Minor differences in APS suggest Thomson may have temporarily abandoned the parliamentary register as his source when creating his edition (1471/5/3, MS 'witht this condicioune', APS, 'witht this addicioune', and others noted). The 1566 printed acts include the variations adopted by Thomson. Therefore it seems Thomson either used the 1566 acts, or one of the non-official MSS on which the 1566 acts were based. He was presumably prompted by the number of obvious scribal errors in the MS register. Words in square brackets are absent from text but present in APS, and have been adopted when the reading is obviously preferable. The number and nature of the mistakes, the fact that the acts are in a different hand from the rest of the register, and the phrase 'expliciunt statuta parliamenti' ('here end the statutes of the parliament') suggest that the MS scribe was copying from another version. Back
  4. NAS, PA2/1, f.67v. Back
  5. NAS, PA2/1, f.68r. Back