Charles II: Translation
18 June 1650 [Lord Burleigh elected vice president; supplication remitted to the committee for prisoners, processes, fines and forfeitures; order to the treasurer depute]
[M1650/5/30]* [Lord Burleigh elected vice president; …]
19 June 1650 19 June 1650
19 June 1650 On the twenty fifth day of parliament …
19 June 1650 [The viscount of Arbuthnott excused; report remitted and act approved; remit to the conference for security of the kingdom concerning the fortification of the island of Inchgarvie]
[M1650/5/31]* [The viscount of Arbuthnott excused; …]
20 June 1650 20 June 1650
20 June 1650 On the twenty sixth day of parliament …
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