Charles II: Translation
15 May 1650 [Sermons given; oaths taken; exhibition of the honours]
[M1650/5/1]* [Sermons given; oaths taken; exhibition …]
16 May 1650 16 May 1650
16 May 1650 On the second day of parliament …
16 May 1650 [Allowance to prisoners; committee for prisoners ordered to be appointed; letter from the lieutenant general read and remitted to committee for dispatches]
[M1650/5/2]* [Allowance to prisoners; committee …]
16 May 1650 Same day, after noon
Same day, after noon
16 May 1650 [Commission for the excise renewed; letters and papers from the general assembly read; continuation]
[M1650/5/3]* [Commission for the excise renewed; …]
  1. NAS. PA3/2, f.4r.This folio numbering, written in pencil at the bottom left of the folios, begins at f.4r because of three 19th century frontispiece folios. This foliation is being adhered to as the referencing for all that follows from NAS. PA3/2. Back
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  3. NAS. PA3/2, f.4v-4a r. Back