Charles II: Translation
1650 Additional Sources
Additional Sources
1650 Undated: 1650
Undated: 1650
1650 [Commission for putting to trial Hector Storie and others in Jedburgh for the crime of witchcraft]
[A1650/3/1]* [Commission for putting to trial …]
7 March 1650 7 March 1650
7 March 1650
8 March 1650 Addition to the committee of estates
[1650/3/18]* Committee Members: addition to …
8 March 1650 [Redelivery of the honours]
[1650/3/20]* Procedure: redelivery of the …
8 March 1650 Act anent the continuation of the parliament
[1650/3/21]* Legislation Act anent the continuation …
8 March 1650 Act where [David Wemyss], earl of Wemyss accepted and gave his oath as one of his majesty's privy council
[1650/3/17]* Act where [David Wemyss], earl …
  1. This act is undated except for its year and is conjecturally included here because of its position in the record as it currently stands. Back
  2. NAS. PA3/2, f.32r.This folio numbering in this volume, written in pencil at the bottom left of the folios, begins at f.4r because of three 19th century frontispiece folios. This foliation is being adhered to as the referencing for all that follows from NAS. PA3/2. Back
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  4. NAS. PA2/25, f.191r. Back
  5. NAS. PA2/25, f.191r-191v. Back
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