Charles II: Translation
12 June 1649 Act in favour of Thomas Lumsden
[1649/5/73]* Legislation Act in favour of …
12 June 1649 Remit Mr James Campbell of Moy
[1649/5/74]* Procedure: remit to Mr James …
12 June 1649 Protection [Sir Walter and Sir Ludovic Stewart], lairds of Minto
[1649/5/75]* Procedure: protection to the …
12 June 1649 Legislation
12 June 1649 Act anent the days of comprisings and services of heirs when the same shall happen to fall upon days of public humiliation or thanksgiving
[1649/5/76]* Act anent the days of comprisings …
12 June 1649 Act anent execution of poinding to follow upon the decreets of sheriffs and other inferior judges
[1649/5/77]* Act anent execution of poinding …
12 June 1649 [Act appointing the quorum of the committee for rectifying the valuations to consist of three]
[1649/5/78]* [Act appointing the quorum of …
12 June 1649 Recommendation from the parliament to the exchequer anent exporting of victual
[1649/5/79]* Procedure: recommendation to …
12 June 1649 [Commission granted to a select committee anent the rates of money and for bringing in bullion]
[1649/5/80]* Committee Members: committee …
12 June 1649 [Warrant for printing the act of the last session of parliament for supply of the poor]
[1649/5/81]* Warrant: for printing the act …
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