James II: Translation
1450 Additional Records
Additional Records
1450 Undated resignation at general council, 1450
Undated resignation at general council, …
1450 Non-parliamentary record
[1450/5/7]* Non-parliamentary record A royal …
12 May 1450 Charters and letters (abstracts)
Charters and letters (abstracts) [1450/5/5 …
28 June 1451 1451, 28 June, Edinburgh, Parliament
1451, 28 June, Edinburgh, Parliament
28 June 1451 Parliamentary Records
Parliamentary Records
28 June 1451 28 June 1451
28 June 1451
28 June 1451 Procedure: preamble
[1451/6/1]* Procedure: preamble The parliament …
  1. See sources in text. Back
  2. The key MSS for this period contain major discrepancies over the date of this parliament, and also disagree over whether it was a parliament or general council. No MS has a date and place consistent with other contemporary records. PA5/4(2), f. 28v, the earliest MSS, dates the parliament to 28 June 1451, and that date is adopted here. However the same MS claims the meeting was a general council, not a parliament, perhaps owing to a copying error which led to confusion with the general council a year earlier. PA5/4(1), f. 36r, dates the parliament to 28 July 1450, and appears to have misread its source MS continuing 'and of his ring the fyft yere', which is clearly erroneous. This may have arisen from the somewhat unusual manner in which the date was written in the earlier MS. The Colville MS, f. 287v, merges and confuses the general council of May 1450 and the parliament June 1451, including only partial records of both. The Drummond MS, f. 257r, ascribes the proceedings of 28 June 1451 to a parliament of 4 May 1450, which conflicts with its own dating of the 1 to 18 May 1450 general council. The Malcolm MS, f. 160, duplicates Drummond. The accuracy of the 28 June 1451 date and the assembly's correct identification as a parliament appears to be confirmed by the existence of the charters made in parliament on 1-8 July 1451. Back
  3. NAS, PA5/4(2), f. 28v (cited); NAS, PA5/4(1), f. 36r; Drummond MS, f. 257r; Colville MS, f. 287v, confuses and blends the proceedings of 4 May 1450 and 28 June 1451, omitting the 1451 preamble, but including the act concerning the lands of Morham; Malcolm, f. 160v-161r. See also the note on dating of this parliament, above. Back