James II: Translation
1440 1440
1440 Non-parliamentary record: great seal grant to John Alloway by the advice of a general council
[A1440/2/2]* Non-parliamentary record: great …
20 February 1440 Non-parliamentary record: notarial instrument recording protests by Alexander Seton, master of Gordon, and William Keith, master of Keith
[A1440/2/1]* Non-parliamentary record: notarial …
2 August 1440 1440, 2 August, Stirling, General Council
1440, 2 August, Stirling, General Counci …
2 August 1440 General Council Records
General Council Records
2 August 1440 2 August 1440
2 August 1440
2 August 1440 Procedure: preamble
[1440/8/1]* Procedure: preamble The general …
5 August 1440 5 August 1440
5 August 1440
  1. Also cited in full in APS, ii, 55 (where the general council is wrongly dated to the date of issue of the charter), and in calendar form in RMS, ii, no. 229. Note, the charter is not an act of general council, so has not been included in the main text of this edition. An abstract of the charter follows (see corresponding full Latin text in manuscript text): 'James, etc. Know that we have granted the lands and rents written below to our beloved servant John Alloway for life, for his services to our father [James I] and us, from the advice of our general council, namely: 4 merks of annual rent from our burgh of Cullen, 36 s. of annual rent from the lands of Inchebribman, 36 s. from the lands of Baldavie, 2 merks from the lands of Ord, lying in the sheriffdom of Banff; and also our lands of Blairshinnoch, in the same sheriffdom. To be held by John for life, with all the usual freedoms, etc., with the power to inhabit the lands of Blairshinnoch and to lease the fermes where he sees fit and to raise the leases and to distrain for them and the annual rents by himself or his officers, with the courts, escheats and issues of the lands, as freely, fully, etc., as anyone else who is granted such things for life. Making to us for life service in our residence and the office that he exercised in the time of our father, from now on to become customary since it was requested by us. And we wish John to be obliged and held to pay us 20 s. 10 d. annually for life, at Whitsun and St Martin in Winter [11 November] by two equal portions, for all of the above. Great seal appended, Edinburgh, 17 March 1439 [1440], fourth year of our reign.' Back
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