James II: Translation
4 September 1439 Letters: appointment between Queen Joan Beaufort and certain nobles as concerning her arrest
[1439/9/1]* Letters: appointment between Queen …
18 September 1439 1439, ?c.18 September, Edinburgh, General Council
1439, ?c.18 September, Edinburgh, General …
18 September 1439 Additional Record
Additional Record
18 September 1439 circa 18 September 1439
circa 18 September 1439
18 September 1439 Non-parliamentary record: great seal grant of a tenement in Edinburgh to John Swift by the advice of a general council
[A1439/9/2]* Non-parliamentary record: great …
20 February 1440 1440, 20 February, Edinburgh, General Council
1440, 20 February, Edinburgh, General Co …
20 February 1440 Additional Records
Additional Records
20 February 1440 20 February 1440
20 February 1440
  1. NAS, SP13/16. Stated in APS, ii, 54 to be 'Orig. olim in archivis Comitatus de Callendar'. 11 seal tags but only 10 seals attached, some damaged. Back
  2. The date that the general council mentioned in this charter was held is not mentioned, but normal practice suggests that such royal documents tended to be close to the meeting to which they refer. The phrase 'ultimo tento apud Edinburgh', would also seem to imply a general council held more recently than the 4 September 1439 council at Stirling. Back
  3. Also printed in full in APS, ii, 53-4, and in calendar form in RMS, ii, no. 207. The charter is not an act of general council, and has therefore not been included in the main text of this edition. The text is as follows (also see corresponding full Latin text in manuscript text): 'James, etc. Know that, from the advice of our last general council held at Edinburgh, we have given, granted and assigned to our beloved and faithful John Swift, burgess of Edinburgh, our tenement lying in our burgh of Edinburgh at the east gate of the cemetery of the parish church of the Blessed Giles. Which tenement the late Robert Lauder, burgess of the said burgh, sold to our father [James I] for £400. All the rightful boundaries, freedoms, etc., to be held by John Swift because he paid £140 for the remainder of the £400, as he was obliged by mandate of our father; and also because John paid a further £100 to Robert and his procurator, William Lauder of Halton, extorted from him and not owed; and also for £187 in various pennyworths, received from John by our father and mother before the king's death, as declared in our exchequer by the auditors, due to him, which total sum extends to £437. Notwithstanding we wish that, whenever we or any heir should pay the total sum of money to John Swift, the tenement should revert to us and our heirs, concerning which reversion we hold letters handed over by John; meanwhile he is to make the due and customary services. We grant moreover that the said John and his heirs should hold the fruits of the tenement for its repair and upkeep and for the losses he has incurred on account of us, and dispose of them freely until we or our heirs relieve him. Great seal appended, Edinburgh, 18 September in the third year of our reign [1439].' Back