Charles I: Translation
18 July 1644 Procedure
[1644/6/168]* Procedure Prayers said, rolls …
18 July 1644 Act for putting the acts against runaways and deficients to execution in the several shires and burghs
Legislation Act for putting the acts against …
18 July 1644 Discharge to William Thomson of the 20,000 merks consigned by Mr George Douglas to [Sir Alexander Gibson of Durie], clerk register
[1644/6/170]* Declaration: receipt of 20,000 …
18 July 1644 Ordinance for Sir John Dalzell's release
[1644/6/171]* Order: for the release of Sir …
18 July 1644 Ordinance anent [Sir John Gordon], laird of Haddo and John Logie
[1644/6/172]* Order: for the execution of …
18 July 1644 Act in favour of the free royal burghs anent their relief and payment of the sums advanced by them to the factors in Campvere for the arms and ammunition sent to this country
[1644/6/173]* Legislation Act in favour of …
18 July 1644 Precept to Robert Lockhart
[1644/6/174]* Warrants: precepts granted
18 July 1644 Prorogation of the commission for trying the delinquents
[1644/6/176]* Procedure: prorogation of the …
19 July 1644 19 July 1644
19 July 1644 On the thirty first day of parliament …
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