An act concerning the kindly tenants of the bishopric of Dunblane

Concerning the supplication given in by the native tenants and kindly possessors of the temporal lands pertaining to the bishopric of Dunblane, making mention that where they, by themselves and their predecessors, have possessed and enjoyed the aforesaid lands, each one respectively for their own parts, as tacksmen and tenants to the said bishopric and his predecessors in all time bygone, past memory of man, to whom they and their predecessors have made so thankful payment of their duty and others their due service, that neither the present possessor of the benefice nor yet any of his predecessors have good cause or occasion to complain. Master Andrew Graham, who is provost to the said bishopric, by means of John [Graham], earl of Montrose, [as] is well known, has set the whole temporal lands of the said bishopric occupied by the said tenants and their predecessors past memory of them as said is, who, with process of time, will not fail to remove them from their said native and kindly rooms, whereby one thousand of our sovereign lord's commons and poor people will be put to utter hardship and extreme beggary, besides the deficiency of our sovereign's service, when as so great rooms, whereupon so many are sustained, shall be reduced in the hands of a particular man. And true it is that the said feus are not confirmed by our said sovereign, but are stayed for the causes aforesaid, and they are content above their power to do, every one for their own rooms, if the said bishop will accept the same. Desiring therefore the king's grace and three estates of this present parliament that it might be statute and ordained that the said feus of the said tenants' rooms set over their heads should in no way be confirmed, and that it shall not be lawful to the said bishop to set tack, rental or other right thereof by reason whereof they may be removed, neither at his own instance nor at the instance of any other having right of him, they paying their mails and duties thankfully and other due service as is appropriate, as at more length is contained in the said supplication. Which being seen and considered by the lords of articles, and thereafter by the king's majesty and three estates, ordains the lord commissioner's depute for the confirmation of feus to visit and consider the infeftment and confirmation to be passed to the said earl of the said lands and or they pass the same to see that the said kindly tenants be satisfied for their kindness; and until the same be done, discharges the keepers of the signet, privy and great seals of all appending of the same to the said charter and of their offices in that part.

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