The pacification granted to [Alexander Home], lord Home

Our sovereign lord, with advice and consent of the three estates of this present parliament, for diverse considerations moving them tending to the quietness of this realm, have given and granted and, by the tenor hereof, gives and grants to Alexander Home, lawful son and apparent heir of the late Alexander [Home], lord Home, last deceased, the equal favour, grace and benefit of pacification made at Perth on 23 February 1572 [1573], and ratified and approved in his highness's parliament held at Edinburgh in April 1573, and wills the same to be as amply extended in his favour, in all respects, conditions, clauses and circumstances thereof, as the said late Alexander, lord Home had been expressly comprehended and contained therein; as also his highness, with advice aforesaid, wills and grants that the same pacification be most amply interpreted and extended to him in all clauses thereof as said is, and especially that this act of parliament according to the said pacification be sufficient to rescind and retreat, likewise our said sovereign lord and estates aforesaid, by this act, retract and rescind the process of forfeiture led against the said Alexander, lord Home for certain crimes of treason and lese-majesty committed by him, and to restore and strengthen as his highness, with advice aforesaid, restores and strengthens the said Alexander Home, son and apparent heir aforesaid, against the same, likewise and as freely in all respects as if the said process of forfeiture had never been led and doom of forfeiture had never been given, after the form and tenor of the said pacification, which and every clause thereof is herein held for certain; and ordain this present act to be extended in competent and due form as concerns restoring fully the memory, honour and fame of the said late Alexander, lord Home in the person of the said Alexander Home, his son and apparent heir. Likewise our said sovereign lord and three estates of parliament rehabilitate and restore the said Alexander thereto and find and declare him able to succeed and enter as heir to the said late Alexander, lord Home by brieves of our sovereign lord's chapel, and otherwise to all lands, heritages, rooms and possessions, tacks, offices and others to the which the said late Alexander, lord Home had right, notwithstanding the said process of forfeiture or anything following thereupon. Providing always that by this act our sovereign lord be in no way prejudiced of the said Alexander's ward and marriage, nor of the whole profits and commodities thereof; and likewise that all the provisions of benefices, parsonages, vicarages, chaplainries and prebendaries pertaining to the said Lord Home's presentation and provided by our sovereign lord and his regent to whatsoever persons since the leading of the said forfeiture of the said late Lord Home stand to the present possessors thereof in full form, force, strength and effect, notwithstanding this present restitution and benefit. Providing also that in case the said lord's late father be culpable of the murders of [Henry Stewart, lord Darnley], our said sovereign lord's late father, and [James Stewart, earl of Moray and Matthew Stewart, earl of Lennox], his two regents, that then, and in that case, the benefit of this present act and restitution, now as then and then as now, to have been and to be of no value, force nor effect.

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