An act concerning the taxation of 10,000 merks to the repair of the bridge of Tay

Our sovereign lord and three estates of parliament, understanding perfectly that the bridge of Tay opposite to the burgh of Perth is decayed, and that the provost, bailies and community thereof have already spent large and sumptuous expenses upon the mending and repairing thereof, and that the same is so needful and necessary for the whole lieges of this realm, therefore our said sovereign and three estates aforesaid have ordained and ordain a general taxation of the sum of 10,000 merks to be uplifted from the whole lieges of this realm for supporting and repairing of the said bridge, and have presently given power to the lords of our sovereign lord's privy council presently chosen to take such good order how and in what manner the same shall be paid, and to make division of the realm and tax rolls for collection thereof, and also to appoint collectors to that effect, one or more, as they think good, terms or days of payment for collection thereof and deliverance of the same, and also to take order with the provost, bailies, council and community of the said burgh of Perth how and in what manner the same shall be employed to the mending and repairing of the said bridge; and likewise that the sums of money also granted by the said provost, bailies and inhabitants of the said burgh, for reparation of their said bridge, be substantially bestowed and to take security off them to that effect, as the said lords think good; and with power to them to direct letters to the effects respectively aforesaid, likewise and in the same manner as the king and estates aforesaid might or may do. And because it is understood by our sovereign lord and estates aforesaid that the inhabitants of the sheriffdom of Ayr, both to burgh and land, have within this short time granted a contribution for supporting and repairing of the bridge of Irvine, for which they ought not to pay so much of the said new taxation of 10,000 merks as the other parts of the realm do, therefore ordain the said lords to consider the same and to deduct and allow as much off the said sum as they should pay to the repairing of the said burgh of Irvine, according to the rate of the taxation of the said sheriffdom of Ayr, so they pay only the surplus according to the tax roll to be made by the said lords.

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