An act made concerning the coin

Forasmuch as it is considered by our sovereign lord and his three estates that his highness's coin has stayed continuously since [...] March 1578, through which our sovereign lord's commodity is hurt, therefore his majesty, with advice of his said estates, ordain one penny or piece of silver to be coined of the fines of eleven deniers, and gives full commission to his highness's council now elected, and the most part of the whole number now chosen, and of the officers joined with them, to take order upon the form, inscription, weight, value and price of the said penny to be struck as they may think best, upon their good discretions, to the commodity of the realm and welfare of our sovereign lord; and as the said council, or the most part thereof, finds most fitting in that behalf, our sovereign lord and three estates decree their declaration and ordinance to have the strength and effect of an act of parliament, providing always that this order to be taken concerning the striking of the said new penny endures until further order be taken by the estates in parliament. In like manner, our sovereign lord and three estates aforesaid grant commission to the said council, or the most part of them, to take order how the 30s, 20s and 10s pieces with the testaments be held within the realm and not transported furth thereof.

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