A letter of pension granted to [Annabella Murray], countess of Mar and assignation thereof

Our sovereign lord, with advice and consent of the three estates of parliament, after mature deliberation and consideration taken regarding the long aid and careful service done to his majesty by his beloved cousin Dame Annabella, countess of Mar in the nurturing and upbringing of his majesty since his highness's birth committed to her by the space of twelve years past, to the honour of God, full satisfaction of his majesty's welfare and comfort of this his highness's whole realm; and also of the sumptuous expenses made by his said cousin of her own living, in performing and accomplishing honourably of her said charge enduring the space aforesaid, in addition to the ordinary assignation appointed thereto, finds, declares and decrees that his said cousin's service merits and is worthy of an honourable remembrance, and that therefore his majesty's said cousin, for all the space of her life and after her death, his majesty's cousin John [Erskine], now earl of Mar, for his lifetime, shall be lawfully provided and made sure of a yearly pension of 2,000 merks money of this realm, to be taken up yearly off the best and readiest fruits of the first vacant abbacy or great benefice or other such accident where the same may be most commodiously had and surely paid, the which our said sovereign lord, with advice aforesaid, in the first word promises to cause be performed; and in the meantime gives, grants and assigns to his said cousin, and after her death to his said cousin, yearly and each year to come until the provision and surety of the yearly pension aforesaid be made to them as is above-written, the sum of £500 money of his majesty's mails of Strathearn, and the sum of £600 of the third of the money of the bishopric of St Andrews, together with seven chalders of victual, wheat, barley and malt to be taken up yearly as follows, to wit: from Inverallan, one chalder of wheat; from Blairlogie, one chalder of wheat; from Bothkennar, eight bolls of wheat; from Greenyards, eight bolls of malt; from the mains of Bothkennar, one chalder and three bolls of barley; and from the Grange of Bothkennar, one chalder and fourteen bolls of barley; commanding and charging his majesty's comptrollers and his officers present and to come to make thankful payment of the money and victual aforesaid out of his highness's property and places thereof as above-expressed, to the said Dame Annabella, during her lifetime, and after her death, to the said John, earl of Mar, for all the days of his life, yearly, which shall be allowed in the accounts. And also commanding the lords of his highness's session to grant and direct letters in due form, charging the bishop of St Andrews and his successors to readily answer, obey and make thankful payment to his highness's said cousin during her lifetime, and thereafter to the said earl, of the said sum of £600 from the third of the money of the said bishopric yearly during the space aforesaid. And further, our sovereign lord, with advice of the estates aforesaid, ordains an act of parliament and also letters of gift and assignation respectively to be made of the premises to his cousins under the privy seal in the appropriate form.

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