A commission to certain noblemen to treat with the lords of session upon the confirmation of testaments and placing of commissioners

The which day our sovereign lord, with advice and consent of the three estates of parliament, gives, grants and commits full power and commission to Patrick [Adamson], archbishop of St Andrews, James [Boyd], archbishop of Glasgow, David [Cunningham], bishop of Aberdeen, George [Douglas], bishop of Moray, Robert [Douglas], earl of Buchan, Henry Nisbet, commissioner of Edinburgh, Mr James Haliburton, provost of Dundee, and Gilbert Menzies [of Pitfodels], provost of Aberdeen, to pass to the senators of our sovereign lord's college of justice and session within the burgh of Edinburgh on 24 October 1578, to confer, treat and intercommune with them upon the confirmation of all testaments within this realm and concerning the establishing of commissaries, how many there shall be, what jurisdiction they shall have, in what place they shall sit and upon all other ecclesiastical causes to which the said commissaries are judges, and to report the said conference and communing to our sovereign lord and lords of secret council on 24 December 1578, to the effect that they may conclude and determine therein until a law is established by parliament to all our sovereign lord's lieges to be observed and kept by them in all time coming.

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