Concerning the alteration of the fair of the burgh of Irvine

Forasmuch as the provost, bailies, council and community of the burgh of Irvine have been accustomed these many years bygone to have two fairs in the year to be held within the said burgh, that is to say the first fair beginning on 15 August, which is the First Lady Day, and the next on 8 September, which is commonly called the Later Lady Day, being only 23 days between them; and now because commonly the said day of September is the time when the inhabitants of the country may not readily resort and repair to the said burgh for doing of their necessary business in the said time of fair by reason of the harvest, but must wait upon the shearing of their corns off the ground and winnowing thereof, and likewise there can be no commodious place appointed for the horse market and other beasts in respect that the corns are not separated then from the ground, whereby a convenient place may be appointed to that effect without destruction of the said corns; and also there are sundry other burghs having the same Later Lady Day appointed to them for their fairs and markets, which are near to the said burgh, whereby they are damnified of their traffic. For remedy thereof, our sovereign lord, with advice of his three estates of this present parliament, has altered and changed the said fair and market of the said burgh of Irvine which was accustomed to be held in all times bygone upon the said 8 September, named the said Later Lady Day, to be held within the same burgh yearly in time coming, excepting only for this present year, on 24 October 1578, giving freedom, faculty and power to the said provost, bailies and inhabitants to cause proclaim their said fair and market yearly in due time to the said 24 October likewise and in the same manner as they were accustomed to do the same on the said 8 September, granting to them also all customs, privileges and immunities which also they had of before at the said fair appointed upon the said 8 September. And our said sovereign lord and estates aforesaid have declared and declare the said fair and market, which was held of before within the said burgh upon the said 8 September, to be abrogated and expired from this instant year forthwith, and the same to be held perpetually and in all time coming upon the said 24 October, which the king's grace and estates aforesaid declare to be as lawful and sufficient as the same was held of before upon the said 8 September, and that without derogation, hurt or prejudice of the said burgh customs, privileges or immunities granted to them of before from our said sovereign lord's predecessors; and ordain the lords of council to direct letters for publication hereof, if need be, in the appropriate form.

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