The ratification of the privileges of burghs, with addition

2Our sovereign lord, with advice of his three estates of this parliament, has ratified and approved and, by the tenor hereof, ratifies and approves of new all acts and constitutions of parliament made by whatsoever our sovereign lord's predecessors of before, in favour of the burghs and burgesses of all this realm, inhabitants of the same, with all privileges, freedoms, immunities and liberties granted and given to them, and every one of them; and decrees and declares the same to have full strength, force and effect in all times hereafter, so that the same may be put to full and due execution in all points and to stand as a perpetual law to them and their successors, with this addition: giving them freedom and privilege to convene four times in the year for such matters as concerns their estate, and that in what burgh it shall be thought expedient to the most part of the said burghs, providing always, for eschewing of tumults, that there be present at the said conventions for every burgh one in number, except the town of Edinburgh to have one more than the other burghs.

  1. NAS, PA2/12, f.5r.
  2. 'P' written in margin.