Concerning the vassals and free tenants of such as are forfeited in this parliament

2Item, it is statute, ordained and declared in p[lain] par[liament by our sovereign lord,] with advice and consent of [John Erskine, earl of Mar], his said regent, three estates [and whole body of this present parliament, that all persons,] our sovereign lord's true and faithful subjects, which have served [and serve his] highness in maintenance of his authority, having lands, heritage, annu[alrents, life rents], pensions or possessions whatsoever held of any person[s called and] forfeited in this present parliament for whatsoever crimes [of treason] and lese-majesty shall use and enjoy their tenantries what[soever,] notwithstanding the forfeiting of their superiors thereof, and hold the same off their next immediate superiors, providing always that in [case any of] the said vassals or others that shall happen to claim any benefit [by virtue] of this act at any time hereafter make defection from our [sovereign] lord's authority and obedience or come in the contrary thereof, that [they] nor none of them shall have nor enjoy the privilege and benefit [of this] present act, and the same shall in no way be extended to them.

  1. NAS, PA2/11, p.104.
  2. Gaps in text due to damage to the manuscript. Interpolations from APS.