Concerning alienations, resignations and oaths made or to be made by any persons convicted or that shall happen to be convicted of the slaughters of [Henry Stewart, lord Darnley], our sovereign lord's father, or [James Stewart, earl of Moray and Matthew Stewart, earl of Lennox], regents

2Item, it is decreed and declared by our sovereign lord, with advice of [John Erskine, earl of Mar], my lord regent's grace, and three estates, that all alienations, resignations, demissions and other dispositions whatsoever, made or to be made by any person or persons convicted, or that hereafter shall happen in any way to be convicted or forfeited for art and part of the treasonable murd[ers and slaughters of] our sovereign lord's late dearest father or regents [of whatsoever lands,] heritages, offices, benefices, rooms or professions, [since the times respec]tively of the committing thereof, are and shall be null [in themselves and of] no value, strength, force nor effect in all times [coming, with all that] followed or shall happen to follow thereupon.

  1. NAS, PA2/11, pp.103-4.
  2. Gaps in text due to damage to the manuscript. Interpolations from APS.