Concerning the nomination, election, acceptance and approbation of my lord [John Erskine, earl] of Mar as regent

2It is found, declared and decreed by our sovereign lord, with advice of the [three estates and whole] body of this present parliament, that the nomination, constitution, [election and ordination] of the noble and mighty lord John, earl of Mar, lord Erskine etc., [as regent to our sovereign lord,] this his realm and lieges thereof, during the time of his [majesty's minority and less] age, specified and expressed in [Mary], the queen, his highness's [mother's letters, under her] subscription and privy seal, of the date 24 [July] 1567, together also with the c[onsent and approbation of] the earls, lords, prelates, commissioners of burghs, barons [and other faithful subjects] convened and assembled to that effect; and the acceptance [of the said office of] regency by the said John, earl of Mar, on 6 [September 1571] was, is and in all time coming shall be held, reputed [and esteemed lawful], sufficient and perfect; and all and whatsoever things which [he has done by] virtue of his said office of regency since his acceptance thereof, [or which] he shall do hereafter in our said sovereign lord's name and authority during [the time] of his highness's minority, specified in the said commission, to be as duly, l[aw]fully, sufficiently and righteously done, and to have as great value, strength, force and effect in all respects and conditions as anything done by whatsoever regents, governors or protectors of this realm in the minorities and less ages of any other native princes of the same; and ratifies, approves and confirms the same nomination, election, constitution and acceptance for now and in time coming.

  1. NAS, PA2/11, p.103.
  2. Gaps in text due to damage to the manuscript. Interpolations from APS.